Sunday, 31 May 2015

Remembering The Family (Sentimental Sunday): Olive Bryan Remembers My 2x-Great-Grandmother

Olive Florence (Feener) Monroe

The following is an e-mail composed May 26, 2015 by Olive Bryan about what she remembers about my great-great-grandmother, Olive (Feener) Monroe. Olive Monroe was Olive Bryan's grandmother. 

"she grew morning glories all year round in her living room with fishing-wire attached to the curtain rod.  they always amazed me.  she would always plant her garbage around her 3 apple trees every day.  she had beautiful apples.  we would go out for lunch every Saturday and go to the movies after.  she had very long hair that she would roll up so that it looked short.  there was a fireplace in her house that she hid with her couch because when she lived in Nova Scotia she was in charge of putting wood on the fire and cleaning it out after.  She got sick of doing it so she hid it.   she was tall and didn't have arthritis and stood very straight.  she always wore a butterfly pin on her coat.  I have the pin.  she always had fresh donuts and molasses cookies in her house waiting for me.  I would stop in her house on the way home from school and climb her apple trees and eat a cookie."
A special thanks to Olive for doing this for me!

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