Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fixing My Great-Grandfather's Pocket Watch

One of my goals of late has been trying to get my great-grandfather Henry Anderson's old pocket watch working again. The pocket watch itself is a Westclox Scotty. It was given to me a couple months back my grandfather. He told me that his father used this pocket watch for years.

Today, I went to a local jeweler's shop, Perry's Jewelers in Taunton. I presented the watch to the man at the counter and told him that I was trying to figure out if there was any way to get this watch working again. Almost immediately, he said no. He told me that my pocket watch is a disposable one. When they were sold, they went for a low price and were eventually disposed of once they stopped working. What he said mirrored the things my grandfather told me when he first gave me the pocket watch. Still, up until that point, I had held out hope that Perry's Jewelers might be able to help.

Whether or not I get the watch working again, I plan to still keep it. But at this point, should I give up hope of trying to get it to work again? Are there any more avenues out there to explore?

Copyright © 2015, David J. McRae


  1. David, I don't know anything about repairing watches but I do hope you can find a way to repair your grandfather's watch. As you wrote, it is a wonderful heirloom even if it does not work.

  2. Working or not, your grandfather's pocket watch is an amazing family heirloom.