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52 Ancestors Challenge 2015 (#1): Augusta (Andersdotter) Anderson

Augusta (Andersdotter) Anderson
(April 15, 1848 - March 25, 1903)

Augusta Andersdotter was born on April 15, 1848 in Angered Storegården (Angered parish) to Anders Jonsson and Catharina Olsdotter. She was the last of four children. Augusta was baptized on April 21st.

In 1849, Augusta, along with her parents and older siblings Johan and Albertina, moved to Angered Stommen. Shortly after the move, when she was just a year and a half old, Augusta's father passed away on November 22, 1849. A few years later, her only brother Johan passed away on January 18, 1854 at the age of twelve from dysentery.

In 1855, Augusta was living with her mother and sister Albertina in Angered Stom. In 1864, the three of them moved to Gunnilse Mellargården, where they worked as maids for Johannes Larsson. The three of them left Johannes Larsson's farm on November 1, 1865, moving to Aron Andersson's farm in Angered Stom. Augusta remained there until her eventual marriage in 1869.

On July 15, 1869, it was announced that Augusta was to marry Martin Andreasson. The two married on October 24, 1869 in Angered parish. They moved to Lerjeholm (in Angered parish) on October 29. On March 5, 1870, their first child, Carl Johan Martinsson, was born. On November 1, 1870, the family left Lerjeholm and moved to Angered Stom. It was in Angered Stom the remainder of Martin and Augusta's children were born, Anna Maria Martinsdotter (born November 12, 1871), Emma Gustava Martinsdotter (born October 19, 1873), Amanda Charlotta Martinsdotter (born May 24, 1876), Betty Josephine Martinsdotter (born September 8, 1878), August Robert Martinsson (born April 8, 1880), Aron Martinsson (born February 5, 1883), Ottolina Martinsdotter (born August 24, 1885), Augusta Matilda Martinsdotter (born May 21, 1888), and Augusta Matilda Martinsdotter (born December 13, 1891). Martin and Augusta lost two of their children in infancy. Betty Josephine passed away on March 1, 1879 and the first Augusta Matilda passed away on May 2, 1888.

At some point between 1873 and 1880, Augusta's mother came to live with her and Martin at their farm. She remained there with them until she passed away on October 4, 1882.

Augusta, along with Martin, Aron, Ottolina, and Augusta Matilda left Angered Stom and Angered parish all together on October 28, 1898 for North America. Martin and Augusta's son, Carl Johan Martinsson (who later went by the name of Charles Anderson) had left for America several years prior in 1890. Upon arrival in America, they were to join him in North Easton, Massachusetts. Before leaving Sweden, the family decided to change their surnames. Thus, they became the Anderson family.

They departed from Sweden on November 4, 1898, heading for Hull, England aboard the S.S. Romeo. Along with her aforementioned husband and children, also traveling along with them was Martin and Augusta's other son, August Robert Martinsson (now Anderson). August had left Angered Stom one month earlier, on September 12.

Upon arriving in Hull, they made their way to Liverpool, England. They set sail from Liverpool on November 10, 1898 aboard the S.S. Canada. The ship arrived into the port of Boston on November 18th. Augusta and her family had sixty dollars to their names when they arrived in the United States. From Boston, they made their way to North Easton.

As of June 1, 1900, Augusta was living on Mechanic Street in North Easton at her son Charles' home. Also living there besides herself and Charles was her husband, children August, Aron, and Matilda, Charles' wife, Selma, three grandchildren (via Charles), Sigrid, Arthur, and Ethel, along with four other boarders.

Augusta passed away on March 25, 1903 in Easton, Massachusetts from heart disease. Her funeral took place on March 27 at the Swedish Lutheran Church in North Easton at two o'clock that afternoon. Interment was in South Easton Cemetery, South Easton, Mass.

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