Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday's Faces of the Past: Lemuel & Alice's Wedding

Some time in the 1940's, my great-grandmother's brother, Lemuel Monroe, wed Alice B. Phillips. The photo above is from their wedding day, taken outside of the church. It was given to me by my cousin and great-grandmother's niece, Olive Bryan.

Standing at the very front of the photo are the bride and bridegroom.

Standing on the far left is my great-great-grandmother (Lemuel's mother), Olive (Feener) Monroe.

Standing in the very back (the only man in the photo with a hat on) is Olive's husband, Lemuel's father, and my great-great-grandfather, Harvey D. Monroe.

Standing to the far right is Lemuel's first cousin-in-law (the daughter-in-law of Olive Monroe's late sister), Flora (Bruhm) Lowe.

Standing directly behind Alice and Lemuel is Lemuel's half-brother (Olive Monroe's son from her first marriage), William Wentzell.

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