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Wednesday's Child: Anna Maria Andersdotter

Anna Maria Andersdotter was born on March 18, 1840 in Angered Storegården, Angered församling, Älvsborg län, Sweden. She was the first child of 4x-great-grandparents Anders Jonsson & Catharina Olsdotter. Soon after her birth, Anna Maria was baptized as it was the law in Sweden at the time that every child must be baptized within eight days of their birth. 

During her short life, Anna Maria was surrounded by family. She lived on her family's farm with her parents, doting paternal grandparents, Jon Olofsson & Annicka Ambjörnsdotter, and paternal uncle Andreas Jonsson. Her paternal aunt, Johanna Jonsdotter, and her family lived nearby on a neighboring farm. 

Anna Maria passed away on December 29, 1840. While many were celebrating the arrival of 1841 days later, Anders and Catharina mourned the loss of their beloved daughter as did the rest of the family.

Years later, Anders and Catharina had a daughter named Augusta in 1849, who would go on to have ten children of her own. She gave birth to her first daughter on November 12, 1871, whom she and her husband Martin named Anna Maria.

Angered parish 1838-1840 household record, the first of only two known records documenting Anna Maria's existence.

Angered parish 1840-1845 household record, the second of only two known records documenting Anna Maria's existence.

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