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Wednesday's Child: Johanna Charlotta Andreasdotter

        Johanna Charlotta Andreasdotter was born on July 8, 1853 in Angered Stom, Angered församling, Älvsborg län, Sweden. She was the second child and daughter of Andreas Börjesson and Maria Andersdotter. Johanna Charlotta was baptized on July 17. Her godparents were her uncles, Nils Börjesson and Gustaf Andersson, as well as Anna Larsdotter, and Maria Larsdotter.

        Johanna Charlotta was raised on her family's farm in Angered Stom surrounded by family. She grew up with older sister Mathilda Augusta and younger brother Adolph Bernhard (born July 2, 1856). In addition, her aunt Maja Helena Börjesdotter, her husband Andreas, and their children lived on a neighboring farm.
        When Johanna Charlotta was two years old, Nils passed away on February 27, 1856, aged 40. Several months later, her family celebrated the birth of Johanna Charlotta's brother Adolph Bernhard.

        Johanna Charlotta's life was cut short when she contracted scarlett fever. Despite her family's prayers, Johanna Charlotta passed away at the family farm on January 24, 1866, aged 12.

        She was buried on February 1, 1866.

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