Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wednesday's Child: Aron Andersson

Aron Andersson was born on May 27, 1846 in Angered Storegården, Angered församling, Älvsborg län, Sweden. He was the fourth child and second son of Anders Jonsson & Catharina Olsdotter. Though he was their fourth child, he was their third living one. Anders and Catharina's first child, a daughter named Anna Maria, passed away as an infant in 1840. 

Aron was baptized on June 1. 

During his short life, Aron lived on his family's farm in Angered Storegården and grew up surrounded by family. In addition to his parents, also living on the farm were older siblings Johan and Albertina, paternal grandparents Jon Olofsson and Annicka Ambjörnsdotter, and paternal uncle Andreas Jonsson. Paternal aunt Johanna Jonsdotter, maternal aunt Ingrid Lena Olsdotter and their families lived on neighboring farms nearby.

Anders, Catharina and the rest of the family were devastated when Aron passed away on February 28, 1847 after contracting measles. He was only nine months old when he died. 

His parents tearfully laid him to rest on March 7.

Years later, Aron's sisters Albertina and Augusta would both go on to give birth to sons (Albertina on July 1, 1877 and Augusta on February 5, 1883) whom they would name Aron.

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