Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wednesday's Child: Betty Josefina Martinsdotter

Betty Josefina Martinsdotter was born on September 8, 1878 in Angered Stom, Angered församling, Älvsborg län, Sweden to Martin Andreasson & Augusta Andersdotter. She was their fifth child and fourth daughter. Betty Josefina was baptized on September 15, with her aunt (father's sister-in-law) Carolina Andersdotter and Anna Maria Eriksdotter  standing up as godparents. 

During her short life, Betty Josefina lived in Angered Stom with her parents and older siblings Carl Johan,  Anna Maria, Emma Gustava and Amanda Charlotta. 

Betty Josefina passed away on March 1, 1879 from skarlakansfeber (English translation: scarlet fever) in Angered Stom. Interment took place on March 6.

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