Monday, 8 June 2015

Trying To Knock Off A Few Bricks In A Wall (Update #1): Isabella Clowes

Earlier today, I posted about one of my brick walls -- my being unable to find a death record for my 3x-great-grandmother Isabella (Gordon) Clowes.

I shared it to several genealogical groups on Facebook, including New England Family Genealogy and History. Shortly after posting it there, a man named Steve posted a newspaper clipping in the comments. It was a death notice for Isabella that was printed Tuesday July 13, 1875 in the Providence Evening Press.

The death notice was brief but very helpful. It read:
"CLOWES.–In Clyde Works, 10th Instant, Isabella, wife of John M. Clowes, aged 53 years, 6 months and 2 days."
Tuesday, July 13, 1875, Providence Evening Press (Providence, RI)

Steve told me that Clyde Works was in West Warwick. I googled it myself just to be sure and it does appear to have been located in West Warwick.

Now having the location of her death, the question still remains why no death record exists (and if it does, why I can't find it). My plan is to search Ancestry results again and will most likely be contacting (and probably visiting) the Rhode Island State Archive at some point soon to review their records again.

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