Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Knocking Off A Few Bricks In A Wall: New Information on Bridget

Yesterday, I posted about my 2x-great-grandmother Bridget Theresa (Kane) McRae and the lack of information I have about her and her life prior to coming to America. I shared that post to several genealogical Facebook groups, including Irish Roots Hunters. It was there that another member of that group, Lynn, commented on my post with the transcription of a baptismal record for a Bridget Kane. 
Name: Bridget Kane
Date of Baptism: 11-Jan-1853
Parish/District: UPR CREGGAN
County: ARMAGH
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Father: Edwd Kane
Mother: Cath Downey
Sponsor 1 / Informant 1: John Brennan
Sponsor 2 / Informant 2: Bridget Maginnis
Screenshot courtesy of Lynn\.

As mentioned before, I don't have much information on Bridget's life prior to Ireland. All I know is that she was the daughter of Edward Kane and Catherine "Kate" Downey, was born circa 1855, and came to America in the early 1870's. I wanted to be extra careful in confirming this before doing anything else.

The names of Bridget's parents match. The date of the baptism is close to the approximate year of birth I have for Bridget, which I got from the marriage record for her marriage to John McCormack (when Bridget and John married on January 10, 1875, Bridget's given age was 20).

RootsIreland.ie's database is the "largest database of family records in Ireland". It covers all but two counties in Ireland (Kerry and Cork [South]) and Dublin City. Lynn told me that when she searched the database, this was literally the only result that came up. She even sent me a screencap showing me how she did the search. 

Screenshot courtesy of Lynn\.

During Bridget's life, her name on records would sometimes be given as Theresa/Teresa, which was her maiden name. I asked Lynn if she could do a search using the same information but instead, use the first name Theresa/Teresa. She did and nothing came up. She again sent me the screencaps so that I was able to see this for myself.

Screenshot courtesy of Lynn.

Screenshot courtesy of Lynn.

After reviewing everything -- the parents' names in the baptismal record being correct, the year of the baptism being close to the approximate year of birth I already had, and the fact that no other record came up in the searches -- I came to the conclusion that the record Lynn found was indeed by 2x-great-grandmother, Bridget Theresa Kane.

With this, I now know that Bridget came from Creggan, a small village located in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Lynn helped me even further. She found the marriage record for Edward and Catherine, although there wasn't much information provided besides the date and location of it. 
Date of Marriage: 20-Feb-1849
Parish / District: UPR CREGGAN County: ARMAGH
Husband Name: Edwd Kane
Wife Name: Cath Downey
Denomination: Roman Catholic Roman Catholic
Status: Not Married Not Married
Husband's Father Name: Kane
Wife's Father Name: Downey
Witness 1 Name: Waters Thos
Witness 2 Name: McShane Nicholas
Screenshot courtesy of Lynn.

Lynn also told me that through her searches, she could not find any other children born to Edward Kane and Catherine Downey. She told me that she found several children born in the same area as Bridget around the same time period to an Edward Kane, but that that Edward's wife's name Catherine McNulty/McEnully. That Edward and Catherine were married on May 6, 1851 in Ballymacnab, County Armagh.

Because no other births turned up with Edward Kane and Catherine Downey as the parents, Lynn suggested they might have emigrated. There is also the chance that they died shortly after Bridget's birth.

But only time and continued research will tell.

Special thanks to Lynn for the help! Not having a rootsireland.ie account, this would not have been possible without you!

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  1. Great follow-up David. Congratulations on using keys (FB groups) to open the door in your brick wall. We need to give Lynn a great round of applause for taking the time to check on your Bridget.~ Cathy

  2. This search produced great results. I've been stymied in my search for great-grandparents. One of my mother's grandfathers, Albert Edward Taylor, was born in Fermanagh (18 May 1864 to John & Ann Taylor) according to his marriage record from Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. I have been unable to locate any record. I have also been unable to locate any record of birth or marriage for my father's paternal grandparents, John Mills (18 Nov 1840) and Mary Cherry (12 Dec 1862). In a baptism record for one of their children it is noted that they are from Comber North. Another record indicates a connection to Londonderry. I'm lost, but would really like to be able to connect with some record.