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52 Ancestors Challenge 2015 (#3): Maud M. (Monroe) McRae

Maud M. (Monroe) McRae 
(July 13, 1902 - November 9, 1988) 

Great-grandmother Maud M. Monroe was born on July 13, 1902 in Riversdale, Nova Scotia to Harvey Dennis Monroe and Olive Feener. She was named after her aunt (her mother's sister), Maud May (Feener) (Silver) Abbe. Maud was the last of three children.

Around 1905, Maud, along with her parents and her older siblings, Lemuel and Elsie, left Nova Scotia for the United States of America. They settled in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where Harvey worked as coal miner. Around 1909, they left Wilkes-Barre and moved to Brockton, Massachusetts. They traveled from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts by train and met Theodore Roosevelt during the trip. Upon arriving in Brockton, the family first made their home on Wheeler Ave, before relocating to Palmer Ave shortly afterwards.

On May 1st, 1920, it was announced that Maud was to marry Frederick Joseph McRae. At the time, Maud was working as a shoe operator. The marriage took place on May 29, 1920 at 71 East Main Street in Brockton. The couple moved to 77 Wheeler Ave in Brockton. On June 21st, 1921, Maud gave birth to her and Frederick's only child, a son named Clayton Joseph McRae (later called Clayton Frederick McRae). The birth was complicated. Maud was in labor but the doctor had not yet arrived. In order to stall the birth, the nurse present crossed Maude's legs in order to delay the birth. This resulted in lifelong complications for Maud. Her mind slowed down mentally, almost to that of a child.

Maud continued to live with Fred after Clayton's birth until 1923. Maud and Fred eventually separated, with Maud moving back in with her parents. Fred and Maud divorced in 1929. Clayton continued to visit Maud now and again until the mid 1940's, when he stopped visiting her altogether. During this time, Clayton married Barbara Rust in February of 1939 and had a son, Clayton William Frederick McRae, born November 17, 1939. Eventually, he left Barbara and married Lois Faxon Chester in November of 1945. He had a second son, Frederick Chester McRae, on October 2, 1946. Unfortunately, Maud never met either of her grandchildren nor did she meet the six children Clayton had with his third wife, Ruth Agnes Cockayne.

Maud's father Harvey passed away suddenly on January 8, 1948 eating a chocolate while listening to Amos n' Andy.

Every now and again, Maud played the piano and sang. She was a talented piano player with a lovely singing voice. Rarely did Maud leave the house, never going beyond the yard of the house. Her mother, Elsie, and her niece Olive would go to the movies on Saturday while Maud stayed home.

On May 2, 1963, Maud's mother passed away at the age of eighty-five. Following her death, Maud moved to the Village Rest Home at 197 West Chestnut St, Brockton. Maud eventually moved into the Woodridge House Nursing Home, where she remained until her death on November 9, 1988. Her funeral took place at eleven o'clock on the morning of Tuesday, November 22, 1988 at South Easton Cemetery, South Easton, with Rev. Stephen Wayles officiating. Maud was buried alongside her parents.

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