Friday, 10 July 2015

Friday's Faces From The Past: Hattie & Olive

2x-Great-Grandmother Olive Feener and her sister Hattie were born in New Canada, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to Henry Feener and Mary Ellen Smith. Hattie was the oldest, born on June 14, 1872. Olive was their next child, born on Nov. 11, 1877. Hattie went on to marry Avard Lowe while Olive married first William C. Wentzell and later Harvey Dennis Monroe. Hattie eventually passed away on Oct. 6, 1920. Olive passed away on May 2, 1963. 

In the photograph, Hattie has a ring on her left hand and I believe this to be her wedding ring. Therefore, I suspect that this photograph was taken some time between Aug. 7, 1886 (the date of Hattie's marriage) and Hattie's death.

Hattie (Feener) Lowe (Seated). Olive (Feener) Monroe (Standing).

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