Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Ancestors In Living Color! (#1): Martin & Augusta

Many of the photographs I have of my ancestors are in black and white. I recently joined Random Acts of Kindness Photo Restoration Group on Facebook in the hopes of getting seeing what some of my photos would look like colorized. The first photograph I submitted to the group for colorization was one of my 3rd-great-grandparents, Martin (Andreasson) Anderson (1841 - 1915) and Augusta Andersdotter (1848 - 1903) from Sweden. 

For their eyes and hair, I don't have any specifics on what color they might have been while they were alive. When asked, I instead gave the colors for Martin and Augusta's sons August and Aaron, thinking along the lines of genetics and that August and Aaron might have inherited some of their features from their parents. According to their World War I Draft Registration Cards. According to August's, his eye color was "blue" while his hair was "lt brown" (light brown). Aaron's eye color was given as "dark" while the color of his hair was said to be "brown." 

Below are the finished results:

Photo Credit: Melanie Bevill Arrowood

Photo Credit: Dick Williams

The next one is not colorized but rather a cleaned up and slightly darkened version of the original that a member of the group did. I felt it should be included.  

Photo Credit: Melanie Bevill Arrowood

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